Artist Statement

In my work, I place a strong emphasis on color, composition, and the relationship of the subject to its surroundings. My photography is playful and deliberate and, although my roots are in photojournalism, I thrive on composing an image from an idea. I believe that enhancing a photograph - whether via conventional or digital techniques - can be an excellent way to add interest, but it's essential that you start with a great image.

As a veteran of 22 years of thoughtful photography, I have learned to translate a scene or a moment, often comprised of elements unnoticed by the casual observer, into a photograph worthy of contemplation. When I compose an image for a client, I incorporate those same types of overlooked elements to help emphasize the subject and engage the viewer.

Although today I work completely in a digital format, the foundations of my photography are the aesthetics of film. I was introduced to traditional film photography by my father, an avid hobbyist. He gave me my first camera, a 1960's Yashica Lynx 5000 that I still have (along with my second camera, the venerable Pentax K1000). With these simple cameras, I developed my craft - classic photographic techniques with no light meter, no instant view of the image and a limited number of frames. Working in a darkroom also helped me grasp concepts such as contrast, tonal range and color relationships. These early experiences were essential - they helped me learn to see in unique ways and would lead to additional explorations with more modern approaches.

During my senior year as a photography major at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, I was introduced to digital imaging while working as the photo editor for the University's newspaper. From that moment onward, I embraced photography's emerging future. For the past 24 years, I have become proficient in Photoshop as well as other imaging software programs to create advanced digital media such as photo mosaics and interactive panoramas. Digital photography is fast and fun, and I enjoy learning and evolving along with it.